Contact Information

Address: 81 Duke Street, P.O. Box 636, Kingston
Phone: (876) 922-0200-7
Fax: (876) 967-1708/967-0064
Email: clerk@japarliament.gov.jm
Website: japarliament.gov.jm




On January 20, 1664, Jamaica’s first House of Assembly met at St. Jago de la Vega known today as Spanish Town. The Spanish Chapel of the Red Cross was used to hold meetings of the Assembly.


 Jamaica became an independent member of the Commonwealth in 1962. The Parliament is a constitutional monarchy; the Queen of England is represented by the Governor-General as Head of State. The parliamentary system is bicameral comprising the House of Representatives which is made up of members appointed through Universal Adult Suffrage, and the Senate which consists of members elected by the Governor-General. 

Gordon House is a two storey contemporary building with an 'L' shaped design around an open courtyard which is used to provide concealed parking.  The building was named in honour of National Hero, the Rt. Excellent George William Gordon who supported freedom and justice for all classes in the society.


Gordon House which is located on Duke Street became the official meeting place of the Jamaican Government on Wednesday, October 26, 1960.  The former meeting place of the government since 1872 was Headquarters House also on Duke Street.  The two buildings are separated by Beeston Street, which runs west to east across Duke Street.

Branch Profile


Seat of Parliament: Kingston
Population: 2,813,285 (2017)
Constitution: Constitutional Monarchy
CPA Branch Formed: 1933

Political Party Distribution

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP):     32

People’s National Party (PNP): 31


Date of Last Election: February 25, 2016


Officers of the Branch

 Senator the Hon. Thomas Tavares-Finson, CD, QC, JP
CPA Office: Branch Joint President 
Parliamentary Office: President of the Senate 

Hon. Pearnel Charles, CD,MP, JP 
CPA Office: Branch Joint President 
Parliamentary Office: Speaker of the House of Representatives 

The Most Hon. Andrew Holness, ON, MP 
CPA Office: Branch Vice-President 
Parliamentary Office: Prime Minister 

Mrs. Heather E. Cooke, JP 
CPA Office: Branch Secretary 
Parliamentary Office: Clerk to the Houses of Parliament






·         The Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller

·         St. Andrew South Western

·         Hon. Noel Arscott

·         Clarendon South Western

·         Hon. Luther Buchanan

·         Westmoreland Eastern

·         Hon. Peter Bunting

·         Manchester Central

·         Mr. Dwayne Vaz 

·         Westmoreland Central

·         Dr. the Hon. Omar Davies

·         St. Andrew Southern

·         Hon. Colin Fagan

·         St. Catherine South Eastern

·         Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson

·         St. Thomas Eastern

·         Hon. Dr. Morais Guy

·         St. Mary Central

·         Hon. Lisa Hanna

·         St. Ann South Eastern

·         Hon. Patrick Atkinson

·         Trelawny Northern

·         Hon. Ian Hayles

·         Hanover Western

·         Ms. Denise Daley

·         St. Catherine Eastern

·         Hon. Julian Robinson

·         St. Andrew South Eastern

·         Hon. George Hylton

·         St. Andrew Western

·         Mr. Fitz Jackson

·         St. Catherine Southern

·         Hon. Derrick Kellier

·         St. James Southern

·         Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill

·         Westmoreland Western

·         Hon. Natalie Neita-Headley

·         St. Catherine North Central

·         Hon. Phillip Paulwell (Leader of the House)

·         Kingston East and Port Royal

·         Mr. Mikael Phillips

·         Manchester North Western

·         Hon. Michael Peart

·         Manchester Southern

·         Dr. the Hon. Peter Phillips

·         St. Andrew East Central

·         Hon. Robert Pickersgill

·         St. Catherine North Western

·         Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield

·         Portland Eastern







·         Mr. Andrew Holness

·         St. Andrew West Central

·         Mr. Derrick Smith  (Leader of the Opposition Business)


·         St. Andrew North Eastern

·         Mr. Desmond McKenzie

·         Kingston Western

·         Mr. Derrick Smith

·         St. Andrew North Western

·         Dr. Kenneth Baugh

·         St. Catherine West Central

·         Mr. Audley Shaw

·         Manchester North Eastern

·         Mr. Karl Samuda

·         St. Andrew North Central

·         Mr. Pearnel Charles

·         Clarendon North Central

·         Dr. Horace Chang

·         St. James North Western

·         Ms. Olivia Grange

·         St. Catherine Central

·         Mr. James Robertson

·         St. Thomas Western

·         Mr. Rudyard Spencer

·         Clarendon South Eastern

·         Mr. Lester Michael Henry

·         Clarendon Central

·         Mr. Edmund Bartlett

·         St. James East Central

·         Mr. Clifford Everald Warmington

·         St. Catherine South Western

·         Mrs. Shahine Robinson

·         St. Ann North Eastern

·         Mr. William James Charles Hutchinson

·         St. Elizabeth North Western

·         Mr. Daryl Vaz

·         Portland Western

·         Mrs. Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert

·         Trelawny South

·         Mr. Desmond Gregory Mair

·         St. Catherine North Eastern

·         Dr. Andrew Wheatley

·         St. Catherine South Central



·         Senator Floyd Morris - President

·         Senator Angela Brown-Burke - Deputy President

·         Senator the Hon. Arnold Joseph Nicholson, QC

·         Senator the Hon. Mark Golding

·         Senator the Hon. Sandrea Falconer

·         Senator Keith Desmond Knight, QC

·         Senator Imani Duncan-Price

·         Senator Lambert Brown

·         Senator Norman Grant

·         Senator Wensworth Skeffery

·         Senator Noel Sloley

·         Senator Navel Clarke

·         Senator Sophia Fraser-Binns 


·         Senator Thomas Tavares-Finson - Leader of Opposition Business

·         Senator Dr. Christopher Tufton

·         Senator Robert Montague

·         Senator Kavan Gayle

·         Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte 

·         Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith

·         Senator Alexander Williams