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Address: Parliament of Grenada Houses of Parliament, P.O. Box 315, Botanical Gardens St. George’s
Phone: (+1 473)4402090/ 4403456
Fax: (+1 473)4404138




Grenada's parliament convened in 1974, the same year that the island gained its independence and became a member of the commonwealth. The Parliament is made up of the Queen who is represented by the Governor General, the Senate and The House of Representatives. 

Members of the House of Representatives are elected by the population whereas Senators are appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and national interests. The Senate consists of 13 non-elected members. The House of Representatives plays a vital role in the creation of laws. Every bill nonetheless, must be passed through both the Lower and Upper House. 

The process of law making is contingent upon the contribution of all parts of the parliament. Both the Senate and the House of representatives have equal powers of constitution however, only the House of Representatives can introduce financial legislation.

York House, purchased in 1801, prior to September 2004 housed the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court. Along with the neighbouring Registry, which was built in 1780, York house is a graceful example of early Georgian architecture. The building was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan on September 7, 2004.

With financial assistance from the Governments of Australia and the United Arab Emirates plans are in train to construct a new building. Construction should begin by the first half of 2013 following a design competition involving regional architects.

In the meantime, the Houses convene at the Grenada Trade Centre in the south of the island

Branch Profile

Seat of Parliament: St. George’s 
Date of First Parliament: 1974
Population: 105,893 (2005)
Constitution: Constitutional Monarchy
CPA Branch Formed: 1946

Political Party Distribution

National Democratic Congress: 11 seats
New National Party: 4 seats
Date of Last Election: July 8, 2008

Officers of the Branch

Sen. the Hon. Joan Purcell 
CPA Office: Branch Joint President 
Parliamentary Office: President of the Senate 

Hon. George Mc Guire, MP 
CPA Office: Branch Joint President 
Parliamentary Office: Speaker of the House of Representatives 

Hon. Tillman Thomas MP 
CPA Office: Branch Joint Vice-President 
Parliamentary Office: Prime Minister 

Dr the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell MP 
CPA Office: Branch Joint Vice-President 
Parliamentary Office: Leader of the Opposition 

Mr. Raphael Donald 
CPA Office: Branch Secretary 
Parliamentary Office:  Acting Clerk of Parliament




Hon. Tillman Thomas, Prime Minister

Hon. V. Nazim Burke

Hon. Sylvester Quarless

Hon. Patrick Simmons

Hon. Alleyne Walker

Hon. Michael Lett

Hon. Glynis Roberts

Hon. Joseph Gilbert

Hon. Michael A. Church

Hon. Peter David

Hon. Karl Hood



Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, Leader of the Opposition

Hon. Roland Bhola

Hon. Clarice Modeste-Curwen

Hon. Elvin Nimrod




Hon. George Prime

Hon. Franka Bernardine

Hon. Denneth Modeste

Hon. Glen Noel

Hon. Ann Peters

Hon. Dr. George Vincent



Hon. Dwight Horsford

Hon. Anthony Boatswain

Hon. Gregory Bowen

Hon. Keith Clouden

Hon. Christopher De Allie

Hon. Chester Humphrey