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The National Assembly of Belize consists of the House Representatives and the Senate. The 31 Members of the House of Representatives are elected to a maximum five-year term.

The Senate currently consists of 12 Senators and the President of the Senate. The Senators are appointed by the Governor-General as follow:  six on the advice of the Prime Minister; three on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition; one Member on the advice of the Belize Council of Churches and the Evangelical Association of Churches; one on the advice of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Belize Business Bureau;  and one on the advice of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and the Civil Society Steering Committee. The President of the Senate is nominated by the 12 Senators, either from amongst themselves or from the general populace.  

The parliamentary system is within the framework of a parliamentary representative democratic monarchy. Constitutional safeguards include freedom of speech, press, worship, movement and association

Seat of Parliament: Belmopan

Independence: 21 September, 1981
Population: 340, 792 (June 2012, est.)
Constitution: Constitutional Monarchy
CPA Branch formed: 1950
Date of First Parliament: 1 January, 1954
Voting Age: 18 years

Political Party Distribution

United Democratic Party: 17 Seats
Peoples United Party: 14 Seats
Date of Last Election: 7 March, 2012

Officers of the Branch

Hon. Marco Pech
CPA Office: Branch Joint President
Parliamentary Office: President of the Senate

Hon. Michael Peyrefitte
CPA Office: Branch Joint President
Parliamentary Office: Speaker of the House of Representatives

Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow, MHR
CPA Office: Branch Joint Vice President
Parliamentary Office: Prime Minister

Hon. Francis Fonseca, MHR  
CPA Office: Branch Joint Vice President
Parliamentary Office: Leader of the Opposition

Mr. Eddie Webster
CPA Office: Branch Secretary
Parliamentary Office: Clerk of the National Assembly



Hon. Dean O. Barrow                     Hon. Gaspar Vega

Hon. Erwin Contreras                     Hon. Patrick Faber

Hon. Michael Finnegan  Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr.

Hon. Anthony Martinez                Hon. John Saldivar

Hon. Wilfred Elrington   Hon. Elvin Penner

Hon. Pablo Marin                             Hon. Rene Montero

Hon. Edmond Castro                      Hon. Hugo Patt

Hon. Santino Castillo                       Hon. Herman Longsworth

Hon. Mark King




Hon. Francis Fonseca                      Rt. Hon. Said Musa

Hon. John Briceño                           Hon. Florencio Marin Jr.

Hon. Michael Espat                         Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson Hon. Julius Espat

Hon. Oscar Requena                       Hon. Ivan Ramos

Hon. Jose Abelardo Mai                Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez

Hon. Joseph Mahmud                   Hon. Ramiro Ramirez








Senator Godwin Hulse   Senator Juliet Thimbriel

Senator Joy Grant                            Senator Charles Gibson

Senator Lisel Alamilla      Senator Gerardo Sosa




Senator Lisa Shoma                         Senator Karen Bodden

Senator Collet Montejo




Senator Markhelm Lizarraga (Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry & Belize Business Bureau)


Senator Reverend Father Noel Leslie (Belize Council of Churches & the Evangelical Association of Churches)


Senator Ray Davis (National Trade Union Congress & Civil Society Steering Committee)